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There are so many fun and creative ways to raise funds to support food packages for our kids:
Here are a few ideas:
Office Auction: This is a great way to raise funds!  Staff members offer a service such as: baking a pie, lunch with the CEO, babysitting, pick up dry cleaning, driving a colleague to work and then hold an office auction to bid on services. This is a lot of fun  and a real office morale booster.
Make it Real: A more serious fundraising event. Participants are provided with a typical food package from Food4Kids. The participant is only allowed the food contained in the food package for the weekend. Pledges are collected to support participants’ commitment to experiencing first hand living with a limited food supply.
Muffin Mondays: Every Monday morning, a staff member volunteers to bring in muffins (home baked or store bought). The muffins are sold for $2 with proceeds collected and donated to Food4Kids. This is a fun event and on Monday mornings…. appreciated by those in a rush with no time for breakfast! We recently had one local business raise $1,500 with a 3 month Muffin Monday event.

Prior to hosting a fundraiser, it would be appreciated if you could contact us first. We can help to enhance your event.


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Gayle at: 905-469-3113




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He arrived at school each day with just one piece of white bread that was moldy.


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