Summer Feeding Program

We are often asked, 'What happens to kids during the summer months?' We can now proudly say, ' We feed our kids during the summer months.' Our Summer Feeding program (or SFP) is the first regionalized program of its kind in Canada.

Schools refer children with limited access to food during the summer months. Volunteers package healthy food such as: soup, whole grains, cereal, dairy, fruit and vegetables. The food supply contains 50% fresh whole foods taking advantage of our bountiful Ontario harvest!

We are also excited to share, each food package contains ingredients and a recipe for a healthy meal, using foods typically provided by local food banks. For week 1, the package contained ingredients for a vegetarian chili... canned tomatoes, kidney beans, chick peas, canned corn. We cannot convey how inspired our families were, learning and cooking together as a family.

Like our weekend backpack program, the Summer Feeding program is 100% funded through community donations. Your support is appreciated to help ensure a healthy summer food supply for our kids.

Stay tuned for when we start the program in Niagara!

He arrived at school each day with just one piece of white bread that was moldy.


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