Our family has been affected by the recession. My husband has been out of work for 6 months and even with a college degree, he will start to apply for jobs at local fast-food restaurants. We lost our house and now live in a 3 bedroom apartment, we can barely afford. I make minimum wage and feel as though I need to take on another job to help make ends meet. My 3 kids receive Food4Kids backpacks. At first, I was ashamed. I now realize that we will not need this service forever, only for now. My embarrassment has turned to gratitude. Without Food4Kids, my kids would be going hungry.


Since the beginning of this school year, a student was consistently arriving at school tired, sad and frequently complained of a stomach ache. Concerned, the teacher called home and spoke with the single-parent father, working 2 part-time jobs and unable to make ends meet. This child was responsible for the care of his 2 younger siblings. Feeding them had been especially stressful since there was often little food in the home. This child and his siblings are now involved in Food4Kids, where searching for food will no longer be a concern.

School Principal

Many children have hard-working parents doing their best to provide for their kids, but even with a full time job, they  struggle to feed their families. Hunger is a real problem in our community. I believe Food4Kids is a program that addresses poverty at its very core.


A student came into my office and seemed embarassed to tell me there was no food in the home and was hungry. I soon learned his father was diagnosed with ALS and his mother left work to care for her husband. Their two income household was reduced to one disability pension. With added medical expenses, there was often no food in the home. Once he began receiving Food4Kids backpacks each weekend, he was less anxious about when he might get to eat again.

I contribute a lot of his success to this fine program, for helping this child to excel. His grades have improved, his behavior is better and appears so much happier. Thank you for your support in helping this child and his family.

School Principal

I never thought our family would depend on others for food. Following a medical problem, I had no choice but to quit work to seek treatment. As a single parent raising 2 great kids, there is barely enough money for rent, little money for food and absolutely no money for extras.


When the school asked if I would like to involve my kids in the Food4Kids program, all I could do was cry. Knowing my children have food brings comfort. The fresh fruits, soups and healthy snacks are appreciated. Thank you for this service. The volunteers at Food4Kids are angels.

School Principal

He arrived at school each day with just one piece of white bread that was moldy.


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